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Full Throttle

by Hazy Hamlet

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Hazy Hamlet presents you its new album - FULL THROTTLE. As the title suggests, this is not an innovative material. Drinking from the inspiration of the NWOBHM and early 80s Metal bands, the band proudly presents a riffdriven album, with real valve-amps and miked cabs sound, 8 classic metal hymns at their best.

Sound-wise, the album lets clear influnces from DIO to Accept, from Maiden to Manowar, from Omen to Judas Priest, legends who reigned in the golden decade of rock music and helped craft the definitions of epic and classic metal.

Lyrics-wise, it presents reflections about beliefs, science, politics and life, highlighting a strong message about "carpe diem" - and this is not coincidence, but a fact which reflects the last couple of (dark) years the band has gone through. It brings the listener motivation to live better, faster, and take part on everything he can to make this world a less mediocre one.

Conceptually, FULL THROTTLE tries to rescue a time where an album was not fatiguing, but evocative, pleasant and memorable. All the project targets the vinyl - a double cover artwork painted in acrylics, songs length number and sequence - however it will be released primarily in CD, and a limited edition in LP may follow according to repercussion.

Once again the cover artwork brings norse god Odin, but this time he is really running wild. The supposition he transformed Sleipnir in a motorcycle is a metaphor for one to leave some old ties behind and enjoy life better. The skullsroad means the path of death and degradation human has taken. The buried anvil means Hazy Hamlet's strength, persistence and vigor.

The CD was earlier set to be released in September by an European label, but due to problems beyond the group's reach, it was opted by contract termination and a release by Arthorium Records, brand new label by singer/composer and producer Arthur Migotto. Hazy Hamlet is now ready to get back to the road and reconquer stages - at FULL THROTTLE!


released November 16, 2013

Album line-up:

Arthur Migotto (V)
Julio Bertin (G)
Fabio Nakahara (B)
Cadu Madera (D)

All riffs, songs and lyrics by Arthur Migotto

Arrangements by Fabio Nakahara, Cadu Madera and Julio Bertin

Cover artwork by Celso Mathias

Recorded and produced at Hazy Hamlet's Bigorna Studio (mid 2012)

Engineered by Arthur Migotto (late 2012)

Guests (backing vocals): Vinicius G. Mendes (former Hazy Hamlet guitar) and Demir Sabiar (Executtioner vocal)

Release date: 16th November, 2013

Arthorium Records, ARTH001CD



all rights reserved


Hazy Hamlet Maringá, Brazil

Current Line-up:
(?) - V
Julio Bertin - G
Fabio Nakahara - B
Hermano Filho - D

Founded in 1999, Brazil's traditional/epic heavy metal band Hazy Hamlet has released 3 demos and 2 full-length albums, having supported bands like Raven, Picture and Grim Reaper. "Full Throttle" CD was out by the end of 2013 and the band is currently seeking for a new singer as Migotto left to manage Arthorium Records
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Track Name: Full Throttle
Full Throttle
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

Floating in this dust mote
Stranded on the Planet of the Idiots
Dystopian tale
Wicked pipers lead all to a wasted trail

Ignite it! Life’s short and still
There’s a lot of gas to burn
Feed the fire! Gotta join the ride
Before the lightning’s gone

Full Throttle
Feel no regret! Feel no remorse!
Embrace the road
Full Throttle
We have forged the chains we wear
Time to grind'em all, break free

Consecrated skullsroad
Ballasts on the wings of the savage hawk
Dare to crush belief bones
Reason is the fuel that makes life engine roar


Ride! Ride! Go!

Track Name: Symphony of Steel
Symphony of Steel
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

Noon breeze is chilling
Ladies feel the neck skin crawl
Raging dogs start barking madly
As dead sparrows fall
The mighty sun is fading
To a dark blood red
Sky above is turning deep black
Right above our heads!

The earth is rumbling
Motors crying
Guitars screaming
This is Heavy Metal!

Bang your heads
We play out loud
The Symphony of Steel
Bang your heads
We play out loud
The Symphony of Steel
Symphony of Steel!

Clouds going round and round
A set of lightning strikes
Tornadoes blowing off
cars and motorbikes
Each roar of thunder
Houses raze to ground
Frantic servants running, screaming
As the church burns down


Among the desperate cry
A scary crackling blast
Huge craters open up
To swallow all that lasts
A burning stage ascends
Fiends are all around
Hell is really breaking loose
To hear us play it loud!


Steel Oh Oh
We play out loud!
Track Name: A Havoc Quest
Track Name: Vendetta
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

Oh, cold shadows soak the aftermath
Impaled eyes repressing wrath
The hourly voice coaxing your ears
A mellow one to fool your fears

FEAR! The very heart of liquid times
The overture in fascist chimes
Imposition! Prohibition! Prejudice!
Faith leads to Hell what Reason is!

Rise, rise, rise!
Vengeance strikes tonight!

Vengeance... It's vengeance time!
Vengeance... Vengeance arises...
Vengeance... It's vengeance time!
Vengeance... Vengeance strikes!

Hmm, hey wicked Voice! How are your dolls?
Your Grace, young lady awaits!
Madam J. - do thou recall my love?
Whore! Thou hast bedded another one...

All aboard! It's almost time!
Grab a rose, give me a smile
Canvas' yours to paint your fate
Hail and farewell!
Valhalla opens its gates...


Revolution begins... A new age is rising
Canvas' yours, paint your fate
Fate is yours, it's all in your hands
Time for Vendetta
Track Name: Jaws of Fenris
Jaws of Fenris
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

Dark was the future of Aesir
Death was the future of all
Odin has learned from the Norns
Gods would meet end in your jaws
So I have been sent by the Father
To cease this fate, to bring you down

You are deception,
Worst of the beings.
The hand the fed me,
In my jaws it bleeds.
I may be bound here
But in the end I'll be free!

Jaws of Fenris (4x)

Odin had offered his left eye
He had hanged for nine days and nights
Pain's such a small price to pay
When value succeeds sacrifice
In silence I take my duty
Recover balance so justice reigns

You call it justice
Suffering and pain?
You trusted rumor,
Gave me no chance.
I may be bound here
But we'll meet in the end!



Bastard! Liar!
Killer! Tyrant!
You were betrayed by your pride!
Bastard! Liar!
Killer! Tyrant!
You'll feel no mercy in my bite!


Track Name: Odin's Ride
Odin's Ride
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

Chase the trailing glow of milky way
Break away from rising sun
Night and day, apace gone
So ride! The route of rejoicing
Life is going on

Leave some old thoughts behind, Oh
Release the beast inside, Oh

Faster, faster rides Odin
He dared to raise up from Hlidskjalf
To live an ancient dream
Faster, faster rides Odin
The One Eyed God is running wild
Odin has transformed Sleipnir
In an iron horse

Take a breath of insight and wildness
Blow it loud on Gjallarhorn
Wake The Nine, wake them all
And ride! The highway of relish
'Till The Twilight falls



Track Name: Thorium
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

Loud lough, Loki-spawn's jokes
Ludic foulness power invokes
A punch on table, pawns fly away
Generals' battlefield play

We're all abiding a nightmare
Shed of innocent blood
Lies, jobbery and warfare
Time of demise
Masses arise

Thorium, forged in our souls
Oh oh, by the hammer of gods
Thorium, hot boiling metal
We've got rebel blood flowing inside

No, not! Not masses' fools
Sharp red eyes, we rhyme the truth
No TV slaves, uncultured worms
We're Dio's and Schuldiner's youth

No more conniving to horror
Gears on government rules
If kings are weaker than warriors
Why is it they who laugh?
March, army! March!


The cradle of kings is justness' grave
Take them down, equity reigns

Red eyes to see the obliquity's seed!

Track Name: Red Baron
Red Baron
(Music & Lyrics by Arthur Migotto)

“I honored the fallen enemy by placing a stone on his beautiful grave”
- Manfred von Richthofen

Open! Open the gates of hangar
The cavalry boy with dazzle in his eyes
Is ready to conquer the sky

Eager! Eager to start his own count
Squadron can see his naivety and youth
Marriage of pride and virtue

The Albatros looms up in heaven
In insolent red, Fear it spreads
The legend is born

Red Baron, Red Baron!
Crimson blood covers the sun
Oh oh oh! Red Baron
Red Baron, Red Baron!
The rise of the devilish guns
Oh oh oh! Red Baron
Red Baron! Red Baron!

Shot down! One by one to the ground
Engage and fire, enemy falls
A new trophy shines on the wall

Feint death! Flying Circus' in town
Storm in the night, head-shot in flight
The Bloodiest show on the earth

The almighty Fokker trespasses
The enemy lines, a negligent dive
The Free Lord is dead

Red Baron, Red Baron!
Crimson blood covers the sun
Oh oh oh! Red Baron
Red Baron, Red Baron!
The silence of devilish guns
Oh oh oh! Red Baron


As his soul ascended
An astonishing sight
Above shiny heaven
Below dark as night

'Twas dozens of eagles
shading sunlight
Warriors praising the one,
The tamer of winds,
King of skies


Red Baron, Red Baron!
Crimson blood covers the sun
Oh oh oh! Red Baron
Red Baron, Red Baron!
The laud of the devilish guns
Oh oh oh! Red Baron, Red Baron